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Welcome to Dayjon Dayjon, Inc. is your source for finding solutions to all your conveyor systems needs. Our products and systems are built to be durable, easy to install, easy to maintain and provide years of reliability and service.

Time is Money. Our systems are designed with the goal of increasing your productivity by being reliable, durable, and easy to maintain. At Dayjon, we are not only committed to delivering the highest quality products, we are committed to your total satisfaction.

Welcome to our website
As the belt shifts it contacts side rollers on a moveable carriage that contain the skirts. This causes the belt to continuously stay centered between the skirts while allowing the belt to shift. Continuous CENTER LOADING is the result!

Time Tested Proven Results - CENTER LOADING is patented and has been successfully installed underground - Click Here to download brochure.

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Dayjon engineering Our in-house Engineering Department will work closely with you to tailor solutions and suggestions to design efficient, durable conveyor systems for your specific needs. Whether those needs are to design a system from scratch or to upgrade or refit an existing system, we can develop a solution for you. Our products and designs are geared towards increasing your conveyor's efficiency. After all, more efficiency means more productivity, and increasing your productivity is our goal.

Come speak with us and you'll see that our focus at Dayjon is offering you the best quality products, delivering them to you quickly and minimizing your downtime so you can operate your business.

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