Our Mission

office2From ore to air, Dayjon development capabilities with the added capacity to support quality driven, specification-intensive fabrication to your unique requirements.

Dayjon was grown from the mining industry, making conveyor belts and belt components with precision engineering that results in perfect a alignment, every time.

We can make custom conveyor products, or standard models, all with the same precise care.
Since planting our roots in coal mining, we have developed the interest in and capability to support the Aerospace/ Defense and safety-critical industries in the upgrade and sustainment of aging components. As a full-service machine shop with manufacturing and design capabilities for a wide range of jobs, our ultimate goal is to use our products to increase your productivity.

  • Products

    We make products and parts from the Mining to Aerospace and everything in between such as Automotive, Fire and Rescue.

  • Services

    We provide services such as Equipment Maintenance and rebuild,Machining, Fabrication, Engineering,
    Project Management to name a few.

Engineering Works

bg.jpgDayjon, Inc. (DJI)  is dedicated to improving the equipment and production capabilities of our customers. Our engineers and designers work closely with customer’s engineering, production and maintenance departments to solve manufacturing difficulties and speed production. DJI enhances the value of our projects by applying strong engineering skills from conception to commissioning. DJI designs and builds equipment with attention to safety and reliable operation. DJI uses both AutoCad and SolidWorks to clearly communicate designs through all phases of our projects.

Features of our Engineering Services:

  • DJI has registered professional engineers on staff.
  • DJI has mobile design capabilities, we can come to you.
  • DJI analyzes and proposes solutions to manufacturing processes and machinery.
  • DJI develops customer’s concepts for equipment or process improvement.
  • DJI provides turnkey engineering, design, fabrication and installation.
  • DJI upgrades existing machinery.


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Machining Services

Dayjon, Inc. (DJI) machines components for our own industrialA-CNC-milling-machine-milling-heads-in-metal-industry
equipment assemblies as well as parts for other machinery builders and manufacturing plants. With an experienced staff of skilled machinists and well equipped machine shop, DJI produces precision machined parts for customers in many different industries.Image Description

DJI machines parts from a range of materials including carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum and engineered plastics.

DJI operates both manual and CNC machining equipment for efficient and timely production of machined parts.

CNC lathes and  CNC vertical milling centers are enhanced with Camworks programming software combined with Volumill.
Camworks is top of the line CAM software that is seamlessly integrated into Solidworks.cammon
This saves a lot of time and minimizes errors and speeds up programming time by half.
We take this saving and combine it with Volumill, which allows us to remove material in unprecedented amounts. This reduces machine cycle times by a Third or better.
Our investments into new machines, CAD/CAM software and state of the art technologies gives us an edge to not only meet our customers price point but to do it without loss of quality.

DJI machines quantities ranging from one of a kind to medium sized production runs.

DJI is experienced in machining surfaces and features on welded assemblies such as end of arm tools, robot/machine bases and manufacturing fixtures.
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Fabrication Services

stock-footage-lathe-machineDayjon, Inc. (DJI)  is well equipped and staffed to successfully accomplish a diverse range of welding and fabrication projects. Our certified welders and fabricators have many years of experience and proven abilities with Arc Welding, metal inert gas (MIG) welding and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. DJI routinely welds carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels and aluminum alloys with professional results. Our skilled fabricators effectively read drawings and produce weldments to required dimensions with minimal heat distortion.

DJI produces weldments ranging in size from small TIG welded precision machine components to large structural bridge sections.

DJI fabricates many material handling projects including belt, drag chain, rake back and roller conveyors. These range in size from small production conveyors to large bulk material handling conveyors.

DJI produces precision weldments requiring a close degree of accuracy.

DJI specializes in producing complex welded assemblies with machined features.

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